My Treatment Philosophy

My awareness of how all aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual dimensions are entwined and affect one another means that understanding each client holistically is very important to me.

My therapeutic style has been influenced by several schools of psychotherapy. When we understand how all aspects of our past and present contribute to our current feelings, interactions and motivations, then it frees us to make more informed choices about how we wish to behave. Sometimes however, a more practical approach is required to enhance the development of new skills and behaviours. This is often the case where difficulties arise in relationships in all areas of love, family, work and play.

My goal is to provide a safe environment, free from judging, for exploring different ideas and possibilities. In this process, the client's open and willing participation provides a solid foundation for growth towards greater peace and satisfaction. My commitment is to work in partnership with each client with a view to help the person to move towards their desired outcome in ways which will be meaningful and satisfying for them.